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As part of the dissemination activities of the LIFE ZAESS project, on June 14 the workshop “LIFE ZAESS – Redox flow batteries” took place in Madrid with a great affluence of public.

The day was divided into three main parts: presentations, debates and technical visit. During the part of the presentations, the issues raised included the development of the technology, solutions for integration and power electronics. From that point, and by reflecting on what was heard during the morning, the debates led to interesting conclusions that are publicly available on the Workshop section. It is worth noting the variety of profiles of the participants, given the growing interest on energy storage systems for grid support applications, including flow batteries as a promising solution.

Before concluding, we had the opportunity to visit the José Lladó Technology Center of Técnicas Reunidas, where is located the pilot plant which is being used to perform the tests specified in the project tasks of LIFE ZAESS.

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