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LIFE ZAESS presented at MaBIC Congress 2017

Tecnicas Reunidas attended for the third year running the Metal-Air Battery International Congress (MaBIC) organized by Albufera Energy Storage in Huesca from the 4th to the 7th of June 2017. TR presented the results and conclusions of the LIFE ZAESS pilot plant operation.

TR explained the potential of zinc-air flow battery technology to increase renewable energy penetration and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The results of other relevant projects in the field of zinc-air and lithium-air batteries were presented at the congress.

Further information:
Presentation: Tecnicas-Reunidas-LIFE-ZAESS-MaBIC-17.pdf

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LIFE ZAESS Project presented in Prague

The results of the LIFE ZAESS were presented at the 11th European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering held in Prague, Czech Republic, on June 4-8, 2017. More than 110 contributions covered the latest developments in electrochemical science and technology, including energy storage and conversion applications. Almost one third of participants come from outside Europe.

Tecnicas Reunidas explained the potential of zinc-air flow battery technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shared the results of the pilot plant operation and the environmental impact assessment.

For more information:
Presentation: Tecnicas-Reunidas-LIFE-ZAESS-ESEE-2017.pdf

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