LIFE ZAESS in the “Gallery of Innovation” of Genera

The LIFE ZAESS project was selected to participate in the Gallery of Innovation of Genera 2016 exhibition, on 15-17 June.

This initiative, now in its eighth edition, is intended to recognize and publicize innovative projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and environment. The poster prepared for that call was exposed during the days of the International Fair of Energy and Environment in the premises of IFEMA in Madrid.

In addition, the project partners were able to visit the pavilion where the fair was held to know the latest information presented with respect to energy storage to provide services to the network.

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As part of the dissemination activities of the LIFE ZAESS project, on June 14 the workshop “LIFE ZAESS – Redox flow batteries” took place in Madrid with a great affluence of public.

The day was divided into three main parts: presentations, debates and technical visit. During the part of the presentations, the issues raised included the development of the technology, solutions for integration and power electronics. From that point, and by reflecting on what was heard during the morning, the debates led to interesting conclusions that are publicly available on the Workshop section. It is worth noting the variety of profiles of the participants, given the growing interest on energy storage systems for grid support applications, including flow batteries as a promising solution.

Before concluding, we had the opportunity to visit the José Lladó Technology Center of Técnicas Reunidas, where is located the pilot plant which is being used to perform the tests specified in the project tasks of LIFE ZAESS.

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International Zinc/Air Battery Workshop

The first IZABW (International Zinc/Air Battery Workshop) was attended by a hundred researchers from different universities and companies from European countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark and Switzerland as well as countries such as Canada, Israel, China, Malaysia and Singapore. The workshop took place at the WBZU (Education and Training Centre Ulm for Innovative Energy Technologies) in the German city of Ulm, and was organized under the project BMBF “Zinc/Air Battery with Advanced Materials for Storage of Renewable Energies and Grid Balancing “(LUZI).

Technicians from Tecnicas Reunidas attended the event to present a poster on the activities within the project LIFE ZAESS, focusing on the construction of the zinc/air flow battery pilot plant.

In addition, during the conference they could learn from the experiences of other research centres about zinc/air technology. Thus, the attendance at this conference has allowed TR to meet potential partners for future projects.

In conclusion of the conference, it should be noted that new electrolytes and new materials are the subject of many studies, and thus the current results of technology are expected to improve in the coming years.

Further information: Poster IZABW ZAESS (also available on documents’ section).

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Tecnicas Reunidas attends the II MABIC Congress about metal-air batteries

The second edition of the Metal-Air Batteries International Congress took place from 7th to 10th March at the Magdalena Palace in Santander. The congress hosted various presentations on the milestones achieved and the future challenges for further development of the different types of metal-air batteries, which are considered strong candidates to meet the urgent needs of the market in sectors such as electric vehicles, smart grids and consumer electronics.

Tecnicas Reunidas attended the conferences to give an update of the progress of the LIFE ZAESS project. As a highlight, the assembly of the 1 kW/4 kWh zinc-air flow battery pilot plant is nearing completion to give way for the series of tests planned for validation. Simultaneously, the tasks of technical-economic and environmental impact study for the scaled 1 MW/4 MWh plant will be developed.

Finally, the opportunity was taken to invite attendees to the LIFE ZAESS Workshop on redox flow batteries, which will take place in Madrid on 14 June. National experiences on different technologies of flow batteries will be presented, regarding both the development process and the practical use.

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On February 19, at the premises of Corporacion Jofemar, a meeting of collaboration among different LIFE projects took place: LIFE FACTORY MICROGRID, LIFE RESPIRA, LIFE REWIND and LIFE ZAESS. To this meeting attended technicians from the participating centres, Jofemar, CENER, Universidad de Navarra and Universidad de Zaragoza. During the meeting shared experiences in such projects and possible ways of collaboration were discussed. Later, a visit to the microgrid located at Jofemar in Peralta (Navarra) was paid.

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Tecnicas Reunidas attends the Grid+Storage Workshop in Madrid

The fifth Grid+Storage regional workshop was held in Madrid on 15 and 16 February 2016 with the support of the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus initiative, where several smart grids and energy storage projects from Portugal and Spain were presented.

The Grid+Storage project’s consortium is formed by TECHNOFI, EASE, EDSO, ENTSO-E, RSE and VITO. They have been selected by the European Commission to support DG Energy and the Member States in defining a European R&D roadmap integrating energy storage into grid research and innovation activities, both at electricity transmission and distribution levels.

Four interactive sessions were held to discuss with the audience and with ENTSO-E, EDSO and EASE representatives about the lessons learnt by the projects presented and the future research and innovation topics to better integrate energy storage into the power system.
The partners of the LIFE ZAESS project attended the workshop to learn best practices for storage integration and to continue with the project’s networking activities. It is worth noting that, as a member of the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE), CENER actively participates on the Grid+Storage project, and contributed to the workshop with a presentation.

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Networking ZAESS
A meeting of collaboration between projects LIFE FACTORY MICROGRID and LIFE ZAESS occurred

On December 1, a meeting of collaboration between projects LIFE FACTORY MICROGRID and LIFE ZAESS occurred. To this meeting attended technicians from the three participating companies, Jofemar, Tecnicas Reunidas and CENER. During the meeting shared experiences in such projects and possible ways of collaboration were discussed, both projects sharing an interest in energy storage and integration of renewables in the network. Later, the microgrid at the premises of Jofemar in Peralta (Navarra) and CENER’s microgrid in Sangüesa (Navarra) were visited.

One of the first fruits of the collaboration between the two projects is the participation as speaker of the company Jofemar in the workshop organized by the project ZAESS about flow batteries. This workshop will take place in Madrid next May and will be one of the firsts developed in Spain to discuss in depth this storage technology. Jofemar will present its experience in the development of flow batteries.

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On October 28th, technicians from Tecnicas Reunidas attended the presentation of the latest developments of the company Albufera Energy Storage. In front of a large group of experts and professionals in energy storage, the General Director, Joaquín Chacón, said the company expects the granting of a patent for a primary Aluminum-Air battery and is working on opening a new factory for the batteries. He also addressed the degree of development of several projects on the use of various battery types in which they work, as well as recent progress in its research and energy storage advisory.

Regarding the Aluminium-Air technology, it was explained that they have the potential to last eight times longer than lithium-ion batteries currently used in electric cars and smartphones or tablets, and are much lighter. Finally, the latest market products based on lead-acid batteries for renewable energy were presented.

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Under the title “Innovative and future key factors in the field of environmental technologies and urban solutions“, BilbaoEkintza has organized four days in consecutive weeks oriented towards innovations that contribute to improve the efficient use of resources and thus promote a more sustainable development of our urban environments. The content of the four organized conferences, which took place at Yimby Bilbao, were focused on environment, mobility, energy and construction-rehabilitation. BilbaoEkintza is a Local Business Public Entity, which aims to generate economic and social wealth for the city.

Gabriel Garcia, technician of CENER presented the LIFE ZAESS project on October 29th in the conference of energy. First, the background leading to develop this project was described, where the storage of energy on a large scale can complement the installation of new electricity transmission infrastructure to achieve greater penetration of renewables in the network. Then, an update of the project progress to date was presented, where the prototype nearing completion has a central role. Finally, the upcoming tasks were listed, including testing the prototype, and the organization of the mid-term workshop of LIFE ZAESS to be held in 2016.

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Energy storage: technologies and projects (AETP 2015)

Gabriel García, researcher of the Renewable Energy Grid Integration Department of CENER, participated on the past 15th October in Madrid in a session titled “Energy storage: technologies and projects (AETP 2015)”, organized by Energetica XXI magazine.

In particular, CENER’s lecture addressed the characterization of the capabilities of the energy storage systems. One of the key issues for a increased deployment of these systems is the identification of appropriate business models for each technology and grid location. In the same way, the Grid Integration Department of CENER has developed a testing methodology that allows to validate the capabilities of a specific energy storage system, taking as a reference the existing standards and protocols. Likewise, it is possible to identify business models suitable for each storage technology and to evaluate its profitability.

As a practical case study, the activities of the LIFE ZAESS European project were described, where the case of a Zinc-Air flow battery developed by Técnicas Reunidas is studied.

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