The LIFE ZAESS project comes to an end and presents its final results

After 40 months of intense activity the LIFE ZAESS project has been successfully completed. The second video, “Progress and results of the project“, is now available on the ZAESS website. It includes the results of the technical-economic, environmental and regulatory studies realized for the technology of zinc-air flow batteries are presented. These activities and results have also been published on the web through the “Layman’s report” in a short and visual format.

The LIFE ZAESS project has focused on the development of innovative technology for energy storage, such as zinc-air flow batteries. This solution is aimed at the integration of renewable energies of an intermittent nature. The ZAESS project has been funded by the European LIFE program and developed by the consortium formed by CENER and TÉCNICAS REUNIDAS as coordinator. The project has had a budget of 1.2 M € for a duration of 40 months, ending in October 2017.

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According to the plan, the installation of the pilot plant of the project has been successfully completed during the month of March. It is a zinc-air flow battery of 1 kW and 4 kWh consisting of three modules, which will serve as a test bed for the next phase of the project.

The cells of the battery are connected in series to provide a nominal voltage of 24 V and a maximum current of 90 A. For its part, the energy is stored in about 1 m3 of electrolyte which is circulated through the cells using pumps. Regarding the air necessary to discharge the battery, it is driven directly from the atmosphere, previously passing through a conventional filter. The whole plant is built in plastic, inexpensive and recyclable materials. In addition, the electrolyte is nonflammable, which gives the plant greater security.

The battery incorporates a monitoring system to carry out the measurement and recording of all necessary system parameters. The test plan scheduled for 12 months duration has been defined in the first stage of the project based on international protocols and standards, according to the intended applications for the technology under study.

After the testing stage, and from data collected during its progress, a technical and economic study to validate the operation of a large-scale plant equivalent will be carried out.

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Networking ZAESS
A meeting of collaboration between projects LIFE FACTORY MICROGRID and LIFE ZAESS occurred

On December 1, a meeting of collaboration between projects LIFE FACTORY MICROGRID and LIFE ZAESS occurred. To this meeting attended technicians from the three participating companies, Jofemar, Tecnicas Reunidas and CENER. During the meeting shared experiences in such projects and possible ways of collaboration were discussed, both projects sharing an interest in energy storage and integration of renewables in the network. Later, the microgrid at the premises of Jofemar in Peralta (Navarra) and CENER’s microgrid in Sangüesa (Navarra) were visited.

One of the first fruits of the collaboration between the two projects is the participation as speaker of the company Jofemar in the workshop organized by the project ZAESS about flow batteries. This workshop will take place in Madrid next May and will be one of the firsts developed in Spain to discuss in depth this storage technology. Jofemar will present its experience in the development of flow batteries.

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The LIFE ZAESS project website is already on Internet.

The internet is an unrivalled source of information and has become a very important channel for communication. At the click of a mouse, a gigantic library of information is available to a wide number of people at any time. A well designed project website can be a key management tool, capable of improve the dissemination of this project activities to a wide range of stakeholders.

This website was created with the objective to disseminate all relevant LIFE ZAESS project information. Here, you will find all the information about project objectives, current progress, most important activities, milestones, results, documentation of all types and interesting links.

Do not forget to visit this section, where you will find a detailed project progress and its activities. LIFE ZAESS is already online!

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