Under the title “Innovative and future key factors in the field of environmental technologies and urban solutions“, BilbaoEkintza has organized four days in consecutive weeks oriented towards innovations that contribute to improve the efficient use of resources and thus promote a more sustainable development of our urban environments. The content of the four organized conferences, which took place at Yimby Bilbao, were focused on environment, mobility, energy and construction-rehabilitation. BilbaoEkintza is a Local Business Public Entity, which aims to generate economic and social wealth for the city.

Gabriel Garcia, technician of CENER presented the LIFE ZAESS project on October 29th in the conference of energy. First, the background leading to develop this project was described, where the storage of energy on a large scale can complement the installation of new electricity transmission infrastructure to achieve greater penetration of renewables in the network. Then, an update of the project progress to date was presented, where the prototype nearing completion has a central role. Finally, the upcoming tasks were listed, including testing the prototype, and the organization of the mid-term workshop of LIFE ZAESS to be held in 2016.

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