The LIFE ZAESS project comes to an end and presents its final results


After 40 months of intense activity the LIFE ZAESS project has been successfully completed. The second video, “Progress and results of the project“, is now available on the ZAESS website. It includes the results of the technical-economic, environmental and regulatory studies realized for the technology of zinc-air flow batteries are presented. These activities and results have also been published on the web through the “Layman’s report” in a short and visual format.

The LIFE ZAESS project has focused on the development of innovative technology for energy storage, such as zinc-air flow batteries. This solution is aimed at the integration of renewable energies of an intermittent nature. The ZAESS project has been funded by the European LIFE program and developed by the consortium formed by CENER and TÉCNICAS REUNIDAS as coordinator. The project has had a budget of 1.2 M € for a duration of 40 months, ending in October 2017.

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