G!E Academy on Storage


Greenovate! Europe members presented their expanding competences in the area of Storage at an academy session organised in co-operation with the Spanish National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) on December 13. CENER’s Renewable Energy Grid Integration Department (IRE) hosted the event, showcasing the impressive depth and scope of their research and development activities in this field.

With the potential to smooth the integration of renewables, as well to increase grid reliability and reduce costs, storage is increasingly seen as a priority sector by EU industry and policy makers. In Pamplona, Greenovate! Europe members showcased the range of work they are undertaking in this area, covering both storage solutions for the energy system, as well as for industrial and residential users.

CENER presented a selection of the different storage technologies which they are working on, including: CSP solar thermal storage, cryogenic energy storage (CRYOHUB) and zinc-air energy storage (LIFE ZAESS).

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