LIFE ZAESS will demonstrate an innovative zinc-air energy storage technology that can address the needs of intermittent renewable energy.

This innovative zinc/air flow battery combines the advantages of metal-air batteries and flow batteries. It offers: increased rechargeability and life span; less energy lost in the storage process; increased total system capacity, making it suitable for grid-scale renewable energy storage; and reduced production costs, because inexpensive and abundant materials are used.

The pilot plant will demonstrate the suitability of the zinc-air flow battery technology for grid scale energy storage

From a technical point of view the demonstration will prove the scalability of the technology from laboratory scale to the range of one to four kilowatt hours;

From an economic point of view, a conceptual engineering study for a MW (megawatt) scale plant is expected to yield capital costs between 2 000 and 3 000 €/kilowatt. This is a commonly accepted cost target for grid-scale energy storage systems in the short to medium term.

A complete transformation of all sectors of the economy is required to mitigate climate change and to limit global warming to the internationally agreed target of 2ºC above pre-industrial levels by 2050.

A full environmental impact assessment covering the entire life cycle of MW-scale energy storage plants based on zinc-air technology, including detailed environmental and carbon footprint analyses.