TR attends the second edition of IZABW


TÉCNICAS REUNIDAS has attended the second edition of IZABW (International Zinc / Air Battery Workshop) held between 10 and 12 April 2018 in Trondheim, Norway, organized by SINTEF.

This seminar is organized in the framework of the European project ZAS (Zn-Air Secondary batteries based on innovative nanotechnology for efficient energy storage, reference no. 646186) and has brought together researchers and companies in the field of zinc-air batteries.

The presentations covered the fundamental aspects of rechargeable zinc-air batteries, such as the cyclability of the zinc electrode and the durability of the air electrode as well as other aspects related to the modeling of the system and safety aspects of the batteries.

In the field of the zinc electrode new areas being explored include ionic liquids, aqueous electrolytes at neutral pH and zinc slurries and suspensions. With respect to the air electrode studies of electrodes with bifunctional catalysts as well as proposals with a three-electrode system were presented.

In this context TECNICAS REUNIDAS presented the results of the LIFE ZAESS project, commenting on the most relevant aspects of the experience in the operation of a kW-scale system and the results of the techno-economic evaluation of the technology in its application to renewable energy integration.

More information: Presentation (Also available in the documents section).

ZAS project:

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